The Essence of Women

Natalie Southwell

Natalie is a highly accomplished professional with an extensive background in both writing and public speaking. She previously served as the Senior Software & System Engineer Manager at a Fortune 50 company, where her primary focus was the advancement of cutting-edge technologies and the delivery of high-quality implementations. Throughout her tenure, she consistently drove technical excellence across various facets of the business. Having dedicated over two decades of her career to the realms of big box retail and corporate environments, Natalie has earned an Executive MBA and obtained PMP certification in Project Management. These credentials have equipped her to strategically lead in roles such as Program Manager and Quality Assurance, where she played a pivotal role in spearheading process improvements and enhancing operational efficiencies, particularly in areas grappling with high levels of technical debt and pressures. While her career trajectory has led to considerable success, it has been marked by challenges, sacrifices, and personal growth. In her debut book, titled The Dangers of Ignoring Your Heart’s Whispers, Natalie courageously shares her personal journey, shedding light on the hazards of unceasingly acquiescing to demands while ascending the corporate ladder. Throughout her career, she has made significant sacrifices that have had a profound impact on the lives of numerous individuals seeking professional and personal growth, empowerment, and transformation. Recognizing the value of her experiences, Natalie has chosen to employ her talents to mentor and advocate for others on their career journeys. As a dynamic speaker, she captivates audiences with her eloquence and inspiring messages, delivering a unique blend of storytelling, wisdom, and expertise.

Natalie Southwell is the owner of The Essence of a Woman, LLC, a transformational professional coaching, consulting, and speaking platform, using her own experiences to guide others toward a healthier and more fulfilling career. By investing in the lives of women, she hopes to foster freedom and create, a positive, lasting impact. Aside from her professional achievements, Natalie is a loving wife of almost 30 years, a proud mother, and a grandmother.