The Essence of Women

Career Highlights

Over 20 years in leadership experience in Information Technology

  • Former Senior Leader in Information Technology of a Fortune 10 company.
  • Former Senior Manager of Technical Excellence with a Focus on Quality Implementations in Supply Chain IT.
  • Former Senior Manager Software Engineering of Cyber Security.
  • Former Senior Manager of System Engineering of Legal IT.
  • Former Program and Portfolio Manager of IT Security.
  • Executive MBA of Prestigious Jack Welch Management Institute.
  • Certified Project Manager.
  • Professional and Personal Leadership Development Coach.
  • CEO and Owner of the Essence of a Woman, LLC. Transformational Consulting and Coaching Service for Women Entrepreneurs.
  • Author of The Dangers of Ignoring Your Heart’s Whispers. An Inspiring Journey of SelfLove and Empowerment.

Speaker Topics

  • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety to Lead with Courage
    and Authenticity.
  • Leadership Strategies to Help Women Own and Nurture Their Power.
  • Relationships Strategies for Single and Married Women.
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